Whirly Birds

Whirly Bird Installation

Whirly birds/Roof ventilators assist in drawing hot/mouldy/moist air that gets trapped in your roof space, outside. Whirly birds are powerless and are driven by wind and air currents 24/7

Most houses throughout Australia have some form of insulation installed in the roofspace. Although this is a great way to insulate the house from external temperatures, it also traps air in your roof space.

During the summer, as the sun basks your roof, the air in your roof space quickly heats up. Roofspaces in the peak of summer can reach 40-50 degrees with some reaching 70 degrees. You could slow roast a meal in this heat! (we do not recommend).

This heat will eventually make its way past your insulation and will slowly heat the house up. Making the house uncomfortable, forcing air-conditioners to work harder (particularly ducted) and longer which in turn increases energy bills. Having 1 or more whirly birds can easily reduce your roofspace temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

During the winter months damp air and moisture becomes trapped in your roof space which can have an effect on your house. Mould thrives in damp/moist conditions which can lead to health problems, particularly respiratory, can also have an effect on your house structure and personal belongings. Steam from extractors in bathrooms and kitchens, unless attached to ducting and run outside, becomes trapped in your roofspace and unless there is an opening, has nowhere to go.

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