Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

We like to keep our house, our car and our bodies clean….so why should our solar panels be any different?

If you walk outside right now, you’ll notice that your panels will look dirty. Much like your car does if you haven’t cleaned it in awhile. This dirt will accumulate over time and prevent sunlight from impacting on your panels. Throw in some other nasties like bird poop, mould, lichen, pollution and even smoke particles from the bushfires and you have a recipe for disaster.

Your solar system will never be as efficient as it was the day you bought it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it as close as possible by giving it the love and care that your investment deserves.

Studies have shown that dirty panels can reduce your solar output by as much as 40%……..that’s like having a 20 panel system reduced to 12.

Clean panels are happy panels.


Before Cleaning


Depending on how many panels you have, single/double storey, pitch of roof will determine the price. Price is charged per panel, not per hour

Most conventional cleaners will use hard chemicals to clean glass surfaces similar to what your solar panels are constructed of. These harsh chemicals can actually damage the surface of your panels. We use soft bristle brushes to protect the surface of your panels, de-ionised water which leaves no streaks or mineral deposits and good old fashioned elbow grease to clean.

PV panels have been studied over years and tests have shown that panels can lose up to 40% efficiency due to dirt, lichen, debris build-up over time. Particularly in dry, dusty climates and even areas near the ocean. Salt spray that builds up on your panels can reduce efficiency and also damage the panels and framework4

Manufactures recommend cleaning your panels every 6-24 months depending on where you live and where panels are situated on your house. If you live in areas where dust and dirt are prevalent, it might be an idea to get your panels cleaned more regularly than normal.

Same as if you live near the ocean due to salt spray. If your panels are directly located underneath trees, damage can occur due to chlorophyll and leaf contamination. Are your panels near or underneath roof antennas. Birds tend to loiter around these and have a poop party on your panels. Not only does the poop cover your panel, the high acidic content can damage the surface.

 The angle of your panels will also determine how often they should be cleaned. Panels that lay flat (generally less than 20 degrees) tend to accumulate dirt and grime quicker than their more obtuse brethren. When solar panels lie flat water can pool on them and have nowhere to go. Eventually it evaporates and leaves grime behind. Worse, things such as leaves and other debris can land on solar panels and just stay there and seriously affect performance. A thin layer of grime will let most light pass through, but a leaf is specifically designed to capture light. After all, it is a naturally occurring type of solar panel.

 Tests have shown that flat panels can double their efficiency after being cleaned.

Of course you can!

But without the correct equipment and training, you risk damaging your panels and also hurting yourself!

All our staff are trained in working on roofs and use the correct safety equipment when cleaning systems.

Because we will be working on your roof and around your home, you are not required to be home for us to conduct our clean.

This means you won’t have to organise a babysitter, or take some time off work which could be better used on a holiday.

We will provide before and after photos of your panels to analyse so you can see the results yourself.